Powerful. Efficient. ELITE.

Elite amplifiers are manufactured with only the best components.  Starting with the heavy duty black anodized aluminum heatsink with the Addictive Audio logo laser etched on the face (not another peel and stick logo).  The heatsink is engineered with multiple vertical and horizontal fins to provide maximum heat dissipation to avoid having to introduce noisy cooling fans into the circuitry.  Internally the FETs are vertically clamped against the sides of the heatsink to move heat to the side fins.  Also, by vertically mounting the FETs this reduces the heatsink footprint by 2 inches in width.  All Elite amplifiers have dual power supplies,  only gold banded resistors are used throughout, dual handwound power supply transformers, aluminum shaft potentiometers, and all components are soldered into the best available printed circuit board.  The best being a dual layer through hole 4ounce copper board.  Another must have feature found on all Elite amplifiers is the clipping indicator.  In a world of MP3′s and downloaded music this indicator lets you know when you are clipping the waveform which could result in a damaged woofer(s) and/or electrical system.  To exceed your expectations we only test at 12.5vdc and 13.8vdc, not the seemingly new industry standard of 14.4vdc.

Common Features for 1, 2, 4 and 5 Channel Amplifiers:

EASY CLICK© on all Frequency Adjustments for Simple and Exact Tuning

Short Circuit, Thermal, Low/High/Reverse Voltage Protection

Clipping Circuit with LED Indicator

1 Pair RCA Outputs

Phase Shift 0-180 Degrees

White or Blue Selectable Accent Light

 Features for Class D Amplifiers (50.1/100.1/200.1/250.1):

EASY CLICK© Selectable Center Point Frequency (20-85Hz) with Bass Boost up to +12dB

EASY CLICK© Low Pass Filter: 50-250Hz

EASY CLICK© Subsonic Filter: 10-55Hz (24dB/Octave)

2 Amplifiers Can be Strapped Together with Provided Strapping Cable

Bass Knob Included with Integrated Power/Protect Circuit

Features for Class AB Amplifiers (25.1/5.4/10.4/20.2/7.4+35.1):

Low Pass / High Pass / Full Selection Switch

EASY CLICK© Low Pass Filter: 50-150Hz (12dB/Octave)

EASY CLICK© High Pass Filter: 50-500Hz (12dB/Octave)

EASY CLICK© Subsonic Filter: 25-40Hz (24dB/Octave)

Bass Boost up to 18+dB at 45Hz

Bass Knob Included with Integrated Power/Protect Circuit (7.4+35.1)

Advertised Specifications are Tested at 13.8vdc. 


HOTLINK© Available for all Elite Series Amplifiers.  Fits Between 2 Amplifiers to Make Them Look as One.