Want “WOW FACTOR”?  Want to be different with something other than a pair of   12′s in your trunk? Addictive Audio has you covered.  Once loaded into an enclosure this seemingly small woofer sends people into shock over the amount of output being created.  The first time you hear an Excruci8 you too will find yourself in disbelief that it is playing louder and lower than other companies 10′s and 12′s.  Get your mirrors shaking and spectators flipping out with one of these little Monsters!


Thick Wide Roll Butyl Rubber Surround – Adds surround longevity in small diameter woofers as opposed to a foam surround.

Long Strand Kevlar Reinforced Paper Pulp Cone – Allows for maximum output without cone distortion.

Stamped Steel Basket with Perimeter Venting Beneath the Spider

Laminated 3 layer NC3© Spider Assembly – NC3© spider composition is a proprietary performance enhanced blend of materials on all Addictive Audio speakers.

Integrated Tinsel Leads to Prevent Cone Slapping and/or Separation

Proprietary MAC© Motor Assembly for Maximum Cooling of the Coil and Motor by Forcing Air Through Strategically Placed Vents on Both the Coil Former and Motor.

Available Sizes: 8″

Break-in Period: 3 weeks

Voice Coil Impedance: Dual 4ohm and Dual 2ohm

Voice Coil Former Type: Black Anodized Aluminum with Our MAC© Cooling Technology

Voice Coil: 2″ 8 Layer Round Wound Copper

Motor Weight: 190 Ounces

Continuous Power Handling: 300 (conservative rating)

Maximum Power Handling: 600

Matching Amplifier(s):

1 EXCRUCI8 subwoofer works with F300.1 Fleck Series

2 EXCRUCI8 subwoofers work with P60.1D Pure Series

4 EXCRUCI8 subwoofers work with P120.1D Pure Series

For Enclosure Recommendations and Thiele Small Parameters, please download the Owners Manual.

“I’m digging the Excruci8 sub I got hooked up 2 weeks ago here in Bradenton, Florida. It blows me away at how well it does and how low it drops for the small footprint it has.” -Dion

“We hear subs every day, and it takes ALOT to impress us (well at least me). I haven’t heard a sub that gets this LOUD and LOW in such a small enclosure! I’ve personally owned SA8′s, Image 8′s, Elemental 8′s, Kicker Square 8′s, and this Addictive Audio Excruci8 really impressed me! Come by and take a listen! You will never believe its an 8″ Woofer!!!” -GP Customs